Pinotage 2009

Pinotage 2009


The vineyards

The grapes came from vineyards planted in 1974 at an altitude of 185 to 195 meters above sea level. New clones were selected and planted in 1999 for enhancement of more typical fruit flavours. The trellised vineyards face southeast to west.

The winemaking

locks of vineyards at an average balling of 24.8° on the 7th of March 2008. After cold soaking for 48 hours the mash was inoculated with cultured yeast, and fermented to total dryness on the skins. The young wine was racked twice and was matured for 18 months in French oak barrels.

Winemaker’s Comments

A wine that is deep red in colour with a purple rim, packed with red berry and cherry flavours that are well integrated with spicy wood aromas. Medium to full bodied on the palate that will compliment red meat dishes.
Alcohol 14.30 Vol%
R.S.  3.5 g/l
T.A. 5.4 g/l
V.A. 0.47 g/l
FSO2 27 mg/l
T.SO2 109 mg/l
PH 3.66