Chardonnay 2014

Chardonnay 2014


The vineyards

The Chardonnay vineyards were planted in 1990 and face southwest and northeast, trellised and planted in decomposed granite. Which means it can take the fullest advantage of prevailing sea breezes during the growing and ripening season to ensure intensity of grape flavour.

The winemaking

One specific block was hand harvested in the early hours of 11 February 2014. The grapes were picked between 22° Balling and 23° Balling, destemmed and the juice in contact with the skins for 4 hours. A combination of free run juice and pressed juice was inoculated with specific yeast strains. Halfway through fermentation the wine was moved from tanks to french oak barrels where fermentation was completed. The wine fermented between 17° and 18°C until dryness. Maturation took place on the lees in the barrels for 6 months. After 6 months the barrels were blended and the wine stabilized and bottled.

Winemaker’s Comments

Light gold in colour with aromas of pineapple,melon and coconut. This wine is medium to full bodied on the palate leaving a lingering taste of citrus and butterscotch for a memorable experience. This wine will compliment chicken salads and creamy pastas.
Alcohol 13.85 Vol%
R.S. 2.1 g/l
T.A. 5.3 g/l
V.A. 0.53
PH 3.55
Total Extract 21.1 g/l

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Tasting Notes
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Bottle Shots
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